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Exobots Team has closed a partnership with Biswap and our IDO will be hosted on their platform. But not only this, our partnership will be a strategic one in order to achieve the best results together.


With over 430,000 users, Biswap is the second largest DEX with the smallest fees in the whole BSC, is among TOP-10 DEXs across all chains and has recently been listed on Binance


We’ll be great together!



Meet Exobots: Omens of Steel, the new NFT game for Android/iOS, PC and MacOS where you can fight with your own robot squad to forge your legend in Metron City. Enjoy the wide and rich experience the game offers through its different features, such as Adventure, Battle, Crafting, Merge… and Earn!”

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After years of calamities and endless wars, humankind was on the edge of extinction. Then, a spaceship was spotted floating adrift near the Moon. Nine sleeping machines were found inside and they brought omens of steel with them… New and powerful technology was discovered within their cores. They were called EXOBOTS.


All the possible Exobots will be formed using the parts from the nine originals, mixing them together. These nine types have been categorized as Stronghold, Renovator, Codebreaker, Deathbringer, Groundsmasher, Sumrak, Netshadow, Scrapmaster and Morphex. Find out about each of them to know their characteristics!

Six parts to form
unique Exobots

As Exobots are assembled from different combinations of parts from the original ones, their stats, abilities and perks will vary depending on them. Each part grants certain stats and provides the Exobot with a certain set of abilities in the form of cards, from which the player will ultimately build the deck they will use in battle.

Meaning billions
of combinations

The possibilities are practically endless! As Exobots are created from random combinations of different parts, being nine original Exobots with a total of six unique parts each one, it will cause every result into something unique. But Exobots are more than their assembled parts, as they also have a core and internal genes that will have and impact on the stats when they’re built.

with a team of fixers
to take care of all

Fixers are well known across Metron City, as they’re the most skilled and talented professionals regarding Exobots building and maintenance. They will assist you in the workshop to keep your squad nice and ready for the fight. Fair warning, though! While their prowess is top class, that has nothing to do with their attitudes, so choose wisely the ones who fit you better!

Awesome features


Metron City is a dangerous place but also full of opportunities. Battle fearsome enemies in the prestigious endless Arena of Metron City. May your metal never blend!


Face many different enemies and put your Exobots to the test. Rule over the battlefield through a wise use of the space and the skills your pieces grant you.


Combine your blueprints to create new Exobots with a unique display of parts and abilities. The possibilities are almost endless and every combination is exclusive!


Make profit while taking part in challenging battles. Trade with your Exobots at a marketplace full of opportunities.

And a Real Gaming Experience

Exobots: Omens of Steel offers a full, deep gaming experience to the player, embracing the essence of what a videogame should be to ultimately be fun and entertaining, implementing its original ‘Play AND Earn’ formula as a healthy, sustainable alternative to the ‘Play to Earn’ usual model.


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