Alpha Update: v0.20.1 with Netshadow

Dear community,

Exobots team is happy to announce the new update in our Alpha v0.20.1 which includes major improvements, updates and the arrival of Netshadow, the new Exobot.

Check all the patch notes list of this new version:

  • Added new basics tutorial video.
  • Added new Exobot: Netshadow.
  • Added new icons for status effects: Dodge, Decoy and Blind.
  • Added new keyword: ‘Blind’ to describe the status effect that causes miss chance.
  • Added new sounds to enhance the user’s experience.
  • Fixed a small error in Time Bomb card’s text box.
  • Fixed an error that caused Exobots to fail in loading their positions when the level in Slum Brawl changes and some are destroyed.
  • Fixed Energy Burst target icon that showed as multi-target when it is single target.
  • Fixed error that caused the number of cards in deck and discard pile to be displayed wrong.
  • Fixed Gravity Well bug that caused the target to be debuffed even if the attack missed.
  • Fixed some card animation errors.
  • Fixed some errors in squad’s drag and drop function.
  • Fixed some SFX.
  • Fixed sound settings errors.
  • Fixed squad loading in the main menu.
  • Improved application loading.
  • Improved UI buttons.


So, now you can update your game to this new version (0.20.1) or download it (in case you haven’t tried it yet) and enjoy a enjoy a fun and intense battle with the PvP or Slum Brawl game modes of Exobots: Omens of Steel, available for Windows, Android devices (PlayStore) and iOS/macOS (App Store).