Exobots INO date announcement

Hello dear community.

We want to bring you the long awaited update you are waiting for: the release of Exobots to Mainnet.

After three months of testing our marketplace and after adjusting and fixing everything necessary, we are finally ready!

Our INO will be next March 22nd at 11:00 AM UTC and will be open for a maximum of 24 hours in collaboration with the well known marketplace ‘Element’, one of the most powerful in the BNB Chain.

This event will mark the launch of the first generation of Exobots where a total of 500 Exobots will be released for sale at a price to be set on the day of release. The INO will take place in our marketplace and the Exobots will be available for purchase with our EXOS token.

After 24h the INO will be closed and our marketplace will be operational with options to buy, sell, gift and merge NFT.

We are also happy to announce that for the early investors of the Seed and Private presales, the bravest people in Metron City, we are preparing a dedicated page so they can claim free NFTs as a thank you for the support they have given us since the beginning. This is just a little gesture for your huge help.

Upon opening the game, each player will be given 3 non-NFT Exobots, in order to fulfill the free to play promise. Players will be able to play and make content with them although in order to participate in any of the P2E events of the game, NFT Exobots will be required.

After the INO, the ‘Generate squad’ button inside the game will disappear and we will enter the Season 0 stage, where P2E tournaments will be organized. After about a month and a half the game will go to Release status where we will have experience for the Exobots (yes, as it sounds, you will be able to upgrade your robots for combat), several in-game currency to be able to get in-game upgrades, a complete new item system that will upgrade and give way to endless customization of your squad, a gacha system, and more surprises that we are working on that we will reveal in due time.

We hope you love these news as much as we do and we hope you are ready for everything to come!

Once again, we just want to thank you all for the patience and support you have given us all this time. We are honored and it is something we don’t take lightly. Exobots wouldn’t be a reality without you.

The Exobots Team