EXOS Schedule Update

Hello dear community,

We are getting closer and closer to our long awaited INO although we have yet to finish adjusting the vesting calendar which was made in December 2021 and was modified months later to delay the team’s unlocking schedule, and spoiler alert, we are back to delay again.

The vesting schedule we propose is as follows:

– Seed, Private and Biswap IDO are finalized with their issuance already completed.

– Strategic presale is unchanged.

– Staking reward: Delayed by two months with no changes in its total issuance.

– Play to Earn: It is delayed to the 12th month and is issued half per quarter although it is extended in time. Here we realized that in the long term we could run short of tokens to incentivize the ecosystem.

– Advisors: Delays its remaining issuance until month 18.

– Ecosystem Fund: The intensity and duration are readjusted to lengthen it over time to coincide with points where we believe it will be necessary to incentivize the EXOS ecosystem.

– Team: The team delays the start of its issuance by 6 more months, in addition to reducing the intensity by half, thus making it necessary to double the time to complete it. This is just another proof of our commitment to the EXOS ecosystem.

– Liquidity Pool: Issuance is delayed for another 6 months.

– Marketing: The calendar is modified so that, as was the case with the Ecosystem Fund, we do not fall short in the long term and its intensity is modified to be less aggressive.

With these changes we hope that the issuance will be better adapted to current needs and serve to improve the EXOS ecosystem. 

The mint event of the remaining tokens to fit the current month (Month 10) will be held before the INO date (March 22nd @ 11:00 am UTC).

Future mint events will occur at the beginning of each month.